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Leveraging over 34 years of cleared professional aviation, U.S. intelligence and federal investigative experience along with over 40 years of photographic and videographic experience, Atlas Aerial Intelligence is an advanced  drone-services provider that creates detailed, accurate, insightful and timely aerial and aviation-focused intelligence and creative imagery.

Aerial Intelligence: What it is and Why it Matters

Information that is collected, processed, and analyzed to provide previously unknown insights about something is called intelligence and it can be derived from many sources. 

The U.S. military developed the term
"Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance" (ISR), and overhead information captured by dedicated ISR drones, manned aircraft and satellites provide unique and impactful visual insights on whatever is desired to be known. 

Whether it is military, humanitarian, media, incident response, risk and emergency management or commercial applications, 
aerial intelligence is a critical enabler in planning and operational obtain timely and accurate information and affect desired outcomes.

Drones are an excellent aerial intelligence and imagery platform. 
Here are just some of their capabilities: 



2D Orthomosaic Mapping
Think of it as satellite overhead imagery without needing a satellite.  Maps produced from drone imagery provide near-real time overhead situational awareness from an easily deployed, efficient and cost-effective solution generating highly-detailed maps in minutes!

Use Cases:

Event, Facility & Security Planning
Incident Response
Emergency & Event Management

Investigations & Forensics
Historical Documentation
Construction Progression

(Overhead Map of Spotsylvania County (VA) Fire Station 5.)

3D Modeling
Drone-based 3D "digital twin" model reconstruction made with sophisticated accuracy.

Use Cases:
Event, Facility & Security Planning
Film making & Location Scouting
Incident Response
Historical Documentation
Asset Visualization

Construction Progression
Real Estate

(3D Photogrammetric Model of Virginia Credit Union Stadium.
Home of the Fredericksburg Nationals,  Minor League Affiliate of the Washington Nationals.)

VCUS_3-1 20240315.jpg

Real-Time Streamed
Aerial Surveillance

Specialized aerial video techniques that can be streamed to decision makers, security managers and incident commanders to affect desired outcomes.

Use Cases:
Security Overwatch 
Investigations & Surveillance Operations

Incident Response & Emergency Management
Electronic News Gathering (ENG)
Event & Crowd Management

Thermal (Infrared) Surveillance
Imagery based on temperature differences of objects in the field of view enables awareness when optical (visual) sensors lose effectiveness  in low-light or poor visibility situations.

Use Cases:

Security Overwatch
Intelligence Gathering
Low-light / No-light / All-Weather Operations
Emergency Management / Search and Rescue

Moran tugs pulling 202205XX_1.15.jpg

Aerial Imagery
High-quality images from above that paints a picture or a posture.

Use Cases:

Security Planning
Investigations & Forensics
Intelligence Gathering
Historical Documentation
Marketing & Advertising Content
Imagery from Overhead Perspective
Imagery from Inaccessible Locations by Ground


Drones are a Game-Changer for Aerial Intelligence!

With advanced sensors and well-planned and well-executed missions, commercially-available drones are a force in commercial and civil uses. 

Drones are a cost-effective, easily deployable, and capable information and imagery collection solution for a wide array of use cases. 

Drones slot in nicely between ground-level sensors (such as human observers) and expensive-to-operate helicopters and aircraft. 

Drones provide access and can generate optical, thermal and other sensed insights from places where other traditional sensors can't go.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, drones can provide current reality of an asset or event...the "as-is" of something. 
Information is perishable.  Bad (or stale) information (intelligence) is worse than no information at all.  Decision makers, incident command
ers, producers and risk managers need a current and accurate assessment of a situation in real-time, and as the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words".  Drones can provide that exceptionally well.

When combined with numerous,
sophisticated third-party commercial applications that offer tremendous capabilities to generate a wide variety of informational (intelligence) products, we quickly learn how drones are truly an information game-changer.


Atlas Aerial Aircraft Fleet

DJI Matrice 30 Thermal
DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise
DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced (Thermal)
DJI Mavic 2 Pro

We exclusively fly DJI unmanned aircraft and sensor systems because they are simply the best platforms to meet our mission requirements.  (We are not affiliated with nor compensated by DJI.)

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