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Richmand Virginia skyline at dusk image from DJI drone mavic

Richmond, Virginia Skyline at Dusk as Captured by UAS, May 2023.

Founded in 2018, Atlas Aerial is a FAA Part 107 Certificated American Veteran-owned Drone-based Aerial Imagery and Video Creator/Provider based in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.
Creative Imagery 

For creative missions, Atlas Aerial has over 40 years of photographic and video experience to capture and provide exceptional aerial and terrestrial imagery for visual projects, film making, and commercial projects.We can provide live-streamed or recorded video content in raw and post-processed formats for creative, informative or responsive mission requirements.

View some of our imagery projects HERE.

Atlas Aerial Visual Insights

Insight is human knowledge derived from experience and available information.  Information that is collected, processed, and analyzed to provide previously unknown insights about something is called intelligence and it can be derived from many sources. 

Whether it is public safety, humanitarian, media, incident response, risk and emergency management or commercial applications, aerial-based video imagery is a critical enabler in planning and operational obtain timely and accurate information and affect desired outcomes.  

Drones are an excellent aerial video and imagery capture platform. Here are just some of their capabilities: 

Learn about Atlas Aerial Insights HERE.

Atlas Aerial obtained FAA Part 107 certification in 2017
and is night operations qualified. FAA recurrent training completed in 2024.

e are fully insured with liability, personal injury and hull coverage, and have a 100% accident-free FAA flight safety record since inception.


Atlas Aerial 2024 Promo Reel: "Tasks".    Click for Sound.

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to discuss your next project requirements.

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